Quantum Energy Slimming

The Perfect Formula For Health Care + Body Slimming + Facial Treatment

Quantum Energy Professional Skin & Body Serum features a unique formula that emits far infrared, negative ions and life energy to enhance the immunity of the human body, effectively treating various skin problems and diseases. It also contains many active ingredients and is capable of cleansing, moisturising, calming, whitening, and repairing the skin as well as promoting cell recovery.

Quantum Energy Professional Skin & Body Serum

  • A fermentation technology created by the Inje University of Korea that resonates with bio-energy maximising the product’s slimming effect and health benefits.
  • The unique Quantum Energy formula emits far infrared, negative ions and life energy to enhance the immunity of the human body.
  • Made from natural plant essences including Taraxacum Officinale (Dandelion) Extract, a patented ingredient. Enhances skin elasticity, promotes cell renewal, as well as nourishes and whitens skin.
  • Nourishes with a plethora of essences extracted from natural herbs, increasing skin-softening and body-slimming efficiency.
  • Promotes skin cell rejuvenation and firms skin.

Emits life energy, improves the health of skin cells, and triggers skin rejuvenation.

Promotes blood circulation and whitens skin. Anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.

Promotes oxygen supply and metabolism. Enhances the function of subcutaneous tissues.

Sedates and whitens skin, controls the occurrence of melanin, and evens skin tone.

Sedates skin. Moisturising and antiphlogistic.

Anti-inflammation and anti-ageing. BPRC’s patented ingredient (No. 10-0771397) renown as a natural antibiotic in herb medicine that possesses a strong anti-oxidant power. Also an antidote for Malondialdehyde (MDA).

Soothes skin and strengthens the skin’s natural resistance.

Soothes skin and supports whitening. Anti-inflammation.

Protects skin and inhibits enzymes from fighting against the synthesis of collagen. Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation.

Clears sebum and impurities deep within the skin and its pores to make the skin radiant. Anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.

Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract

Sedates skin and protects skin from free radicals.

Promotes blood circulation. Moisturising and anti-atopy.

For Beauty Therapy

This product is capable of preventing ageing, enhancing skin suppleness, slimming face, and healing wounds. It can also be used as a mask, for beauty treatments, and for slimming massages.

For Pain Relief

It can be used to soothe body aches and tense muscles as well. Apply it onto the skin and massage, or use it together with the Quantum Energy machine for best results.

For Skin Healing

For burns, inflammation, itch, cuts, insect bites, sunburn, dryness, and pityriasis, just apply product on affected areas.

QE Chair

Optimises Organs & Releases Water Retention

With a cushion made of QEGS powder-infused fibre on top of 4kg of QEGS Balls, this chair generates warmth to relieve backaches and release excess moisture. Frequent use will improve blood circulation, prevent limb coldness and cure reproductive system problems. This product is suitable for both genders of any age.

Features & Benefits

Womb Function

Preserves womb health, relieves vaginal discharge and menstrual cramps.

Prostate Health

Enhances male sexual function and kidney functions.

Promotes Lower
Body Circulation

Treats limb numbness, cramps and cold limbs.

Relief Pain

Relieves backaches, sciatica and muscle stiffness

Cures Digestive Issues

Gastric and intestinal peristalsis, constipation and haemorrhoids.

Clears Liver Toxins

Clears the liver of toxins, alcohol and cures hangovers.

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