Testimonial from a Nose Cancer Patient

Eric Chin:
After I was diagnosed with nose cancer, I had to undergo electrotherapy. Every session left me extremely thirsty; I needed to drink after speak a few words. I couldn’t sleep at night because of hot flashes. My condition got drastically better after using Quantum Energy. I began sleeping well again and I do not need to hydrate my mouth that often. The same goes for my mother, who had been suffering from insomnia for 5 years. She needed to take 3-4 sleeping pills to help her sleep. We had been searching for a true solution for many years, but was unsuccessful. Until we found Quantum Energy. With the help of the machine, she no longer needs to rely on sleeping pills to sleep. 2 years on the machine also keeps me in excellent shape. Travelling by flight used to wear me out, but now that I’ve regain my energy, I can enjoy travelling and managing my international business again.

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