Special Child Grows Healthier, Mum Looks Prettier

I have a special 5-year-old child with growth problems caused by the lack of oxygen in his brain during labour. He was very skinny and his muscles were always tense. We had to give him extra care and pay more attention on him as he also had difficulty sitting, standing and walking. Taking care of him, along with the constant search for medicine and good doctors, was very tiring and it soon began to take its toll on my health. But it all ended after the both of us started using Quantum Energy. His muscles become more relaxed and he sleeps a lot better now. The machine also helps make my skin smoother and restore my energy.

Evelyn Khor:
Occupational diseases come part and parcel of being a beautician. As one for 18 years, I was not exempted. Prolonged use of inner strength to massage our clients is very taxing on our tendons. As a result of my career, my neck and back are constantly in pain. The doctor advised me to quit my job and rest more. After buying Quantum Energy and using it at least one hour a day, I discovered that the pain was actually coming from the inside. The pain gradually surfaced and then disappeared after I continued using the machine. I felt a whole lot better. Now I can carry on my passion and career as a beautician. My improved blood circulation as a result of using the machine gives my rosy cheeks and a prettier complexion. My friends told me that I looked younger and more beautiful than before.

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