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Pang Fung Jin, 28 years old

I’ve just went through Quantum Energy’s 45 minute therapy today. The machine they used can analyse your body’s underlying problem through frequency resonance and analysis based on Korean technology and quantum theory.

By detecting body’s cell frequency changes, they’ll be able to detect blood circulation or/and meridian problems.

I believe it! Whenever the sensor reaches my body area that is particularly painful, the vibration frequency picked up gets higher.

During my treatment, I’ve further asked a couple more questions regarding Quantum Therapy out of curiosity.

This therapy consists of 4 steps: Quantum Frequency, Quantum Meridian, Quantum Heat Therapy and lastly Quantum Negative Ions. The therapist will use 3 different devices to apply these 4 steps repetitively to ensure that the effects comprehensively cover all affected pain areas down to blood circulatory, meridian, lymphatic, and cellular level.

The therapist would also brief you about your underlying body problems during the treatment.

For my case, she couldn’t understand at first why my hands and wrists are so slim yet my arms are comparatively thick. As the treatment session goes, we’ve discovered that it is due to my arms’ lymphatic system blockage. It hurts the most when the device they use for treatment is targeted on my arms as I can feel the inner strange things underneath my skin being reduced. These things are what we called body toxins blocked from releasing.

I’ve never thought that there is more to our daily pain nuisance than just our muscles and that it can potentially get worse in long term.

I’ve also never thought about all the pain that I felt after exercising.

Lastly, I’ve never thought that the source of my body pain is due to my arms’ lymphatic system blockage. And all that exercising, dieting and other attempts at slimming did not give promising results, neither did it gives answers as to why, unlike Quantum Energy.

This treatment session is truly a conversation of a lifetime with my physical self!

RM198 is absolutely worth it for the experience. Thanks Quantum Energy~

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