Quantum Energy Nano Noblesse Eye Serum

All-day spa for the eyes. Improves energy instantly.

  • Improves the skin surrounding the eyes and reduces wrinkles with life science.
  • Moisturises the skin deeply, lightens dark circles and relieves eye puffiness.
  • Unique Quantum Energy formula that supplies bio-energy to the skin.
  • Promotes cell regeneration and enhances skin immunity.
  • Whitens skin and prevents the accumulation of melanin.
  • Promotes skin cell rejuvenation and firming.

Induces the growth of skin cells, removes fine lines, diminishes wrinkles, promotes healing, and delays skin ageing.

Improves wrinkles, prevents skin ageing, whitens skin, and nourishes weak skin cells. Derived from the villus tissues of horse placentas with the richest nutrients.

Improves wrinkles excellently, revives skin, keeps skin ageing under control, and improves elasticity.

Anti-inflammation and anti-ageing. BPRC’s patented ingredient (No. 10-0771397) renown as a natural antibiotic in herb medicine that possesses a strong anti-oxidant power. Also an antidote for Malondialdehyde (MDA).

One of the best moisturising ingredients found in the dermis. Capable of absorbing 1000 times of moisture.

One of the vital materials that support the skin’s elasticity. Good in moisturising.

Nourishes skin. Contains plenty of essential skincare minerals.

Emits life energy, improves the health of skin cells, and triggers skin rejuvenation.

Sedates and whitens skin, controls the occurrence of melanin, and evens skin tone.

Whitens skin, controls the occurrence of freckles, flecks, spots, and melanin caused by skin ageing. Also prevents pigment deposition.

Strengthens weak skin cells, keeps cell membranes intact, and improves firmness. An indispensable enzyme for energy production. Anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.

Forms a protective layer on the skin, promotes healing, tightens and repairs skin, and strengthens natural resistance. Anti-irritation and anti-wrinkles.

An emulsifier that moisturises and soothes the skin.

Promotes blood circulation. Anti-oxidation and anti-ageing.

Promotes blood circulation. Moisturising and anti-atopy.

Moisturising, anti-irritation, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidation.

Protects skin and inhibits enzymes from fighting against the synthesis of collagen. Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation.

Apply onto eye contour area, once every morning and evening.

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