No More Taut Legs; Acid Side Effect Diminished

Eliza Low:
When I started to walk at 11 months old, my legs was being hurt by acid accidentally, which left a big scar on it after it recovered. Fortunately, the scar didn’t affect me and I am still mobile. However, my legs felt taut for the last two years, which was very uncomfortable. On my friend’s recommendation, I saw a medical cosmetologist and I got injected, but my leg problem worsen. The scar started to feel itchy, ooze pus and fester. Even the doctors were shocked at my skin condition. This had troubled me for one year. Later, I bought a Quantum Energy machine, and did the treatment at home every day. My legs finally recovered, and this has been the best solution I’ve ever had. I love this machine as it cured many of my illness and made me stronger, healthier and even younger.

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