Goiter Cured

Lee Mei Yen:
How did I discover my thyroid problem? I used to be hot-tempered; whenever I got angry, my hands would shiver, my heart would beat vigorously, and my neck would noticeably swell. I thought I got cancer! But the doctor said it was my Thyroid. I started taking western medicines. My hands would cramp when I tried to use them, and I looked pale and weak. So, I stopped my medication. After that, I took many supplements and Chinese medicines, spending a lot of money in the process, but none of them improved my condition. Until I started using Quantum Energy. After just 3 days, the swelling in my neck had already reduced significantly. I decided to buy Quantum Energy machine immediately. Several treatment at home later, my heart problem, hands cramp, bulging eyes and hot-tempered are cured. I was glad that I did not need to take medicine anymore. Unexpectedly, my facial skin became even and firmer, and my pores were smaller. Now, I feel energetic every day, and the machine benefits my whole family.

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