Beautician Stops Reliance on Painkillers

Susan Lee:
I have been in the beauty and slimming industry for 15 years. Massaging customers for long periods was painful to my shoulders and hands. I had to depend on painkillers to soother the pain. Even the doctors could not help me. Then I started to use Quantum Energy. My shoulders and hands were no longer in pain and I do not need painkillers anymore. Surprisingly, my complexion is better and my black spots are vanished.

Mr. Wu:
As a Chinese medical practitioner, I am constantly required to give patients massages during their treatments. This causes my shoulders to ache chronically. On the recommendation of my business partner, I decided to try Quantum Energy. They gave an hour of treatment on my first session and the results were extraordinary. The pain in my shoulders was much relieved. Confident with the machine, I bought one home and has been using it since to administer acupuncture-like treatment to patients who are terrified of traditional acupuncture. All they need to do is lie down and relax, and their health problems will be painlessly relieved without the need of medication.

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